Nastya Girl

First Impressions

Upon first loading up NastyaGirl I was momentarily confused as to whether she was just a nasty girl or if her name was Nastya. As it turns out her name is Nastya (I’m assuming she’s Russian or from somewhere nearby) and she’s a gorgeous blonde babe. The picture that greets you as you enter the tour features Nastya in a pair of jeans and a white tank top. Her hair is all teased out in long, sexy curls and she looks positively delectable.

Hot Promises

Judging by the preview pictures littered throughout the tour pages Nastya is going to treat us to a fine mix of super sexy pictures and cute girl pictures. I like it when a girl toes that line effectively, and it seems as though she’ll be doing that. The site’s content includes a large collection of pictures galleries, all high resolution images, and a small selection of video clips, also available in a high resolution. Also promised is the ever popular and always important full nude (that means pussy shots)!

Round Up

Enter the member’s area of NastyaGirl and you’ll see a well designed site with easy to use navigation options, tons of bonus content, and information on the latest updates. The top of the page is taken up by all the bonus sites, of which there are twenty. Scroll down further and you’ll see the three latest video and picture updates along with previews from the next three image galleries. You’ll also see a fair number of ads, one of which is for NastyaGirl; clearly the ads are part of a template that they don’t change for each of the sites in their network.

The bulk of Nastya’s content production happens in the form of still images, so you’re best heading to the picture galleries first. When you do you’ll see twenty thumbnails, each of which represents and a picture gallery. At the bottom of the page is a small line of numbers that you can use to browse to the next set of galleries. As of this writing (April 2007) there are 112 photo albums to choose from.

I was feeling pretty excited from browsing the tour so the first thing I did was search through all the galleries to find the one that houses the sexy image of Nastya in a white tank top with curly hair. It’s part of a set called Dirty Jeans and I found it without any trouble; the site is very easy to navigate. Nastya looks just as hot as the preview image showed, if not hotter. She can’t be any older than 20, but she’s exuding a sexuality that is usually reserved for older women.

The gallery was broken up into three parts, which you’ll see an awful lot of here. It feels like a cruel tease in some ways. If a new set is uploaded that you love and it’s been split you’ll have to wait a week or longer to see the rest of it. Dirty Jeans was broken up into three parts; thankfully they were all available in the archive. In a way though it’s kind of fun to be teased like that by Nastya. Most of the content features Nastya stripping for us from various sexy outfits like the jeans and tank top. There are a number of girl/girl galleries sprinkled throughout the pictures section though. I would caution you not to expect full on lesbian images though; mostly it’s just Nastya and her friends posing nude together and touching each other’s breasts a little bit.

The video section has some very strong content; the only trouble is that there are so few clips for download. There are twelve different video scenes with seventeen clips between them. There’s barely more than an hour of content here, so don’t base your membership decision on it. However, what they do have is quite a thrill, mostly because it’s a pleasure to watch the lovely Nastya in motion. There’s one scene in particular, simply titled Bathroom, which you should download immediately. In it Nastya is posing in a white t-shirt and a pair of panties. The camera is below her ass and she shakes her booty for us while slowly stripping her clothes off. The second part of the scene features an amazing up close pussy shot.

Given the relative lack of video content and the somewhat thin picture collection the producers of NastyaGirl have given you access to 20 other hot teen sites for the price of one. Most of them are solo babe sites, but you’ll also find a lesbian site, and two mixed model sites. Each updates on a frequent basis and will offer your membership the longevity that Nastya can’t provide at this point in time. The only complaint I have about the site is that there’s no sense of interaction with Nastya. There’s no biography to read, no blog, no message board, no videos where she chats with us; it’s all very impersonal. One of the best things about the typical teen model site is that they let us get to know them so we’ll feel a little bit closer to them.

Croco’s Opinion

A solo model site always boils down to how attractive the girl is. If she’s hot almost any gaffs in site design or content production can be forgiven. Nastya is super hot – one of the hottest models I’ve seen – and her site doesn’t suffer from any glaring flaws aside from a lack of video content (which probably won’t change since it’s been four months since the last update to the videos). Basically, if you like Nastya you’re going to love her site.


Navigation couldn’t be any easier. The site’s design is classy without being overly ambitious or encumbering. The picture galleries are easy to use, the thumbnails are the perfect size, and all your browsing options are laid out clearly. The main page could be a little less cluttered, but you don’t even have to use it to have success. Also, a Spanish language version of the site is offered.

Pricing Policy

A 30 day membership costs $29.95 when billing by credit card, check, or anonymously through NetCash. You can also pay by phone, which is a little pricier at $34.95. The best deal is to sign up for 90 days and pay only $59.95. Everything is recurring except for the phone billing.

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